We Used To Believe in America

Posted on November 26, 2010 by Liz Cosline 4 Comments

We used to think or hear about how the United States overcame obstacles and forged ahead.  How people in the U.S. Invented new ways and new products.  We used to hear about how great the different companies were doing and how they were growing.

We used to see all the flags out on flag day and see children waving small flags just for them.  We used to see neighbors talking to each other on the front stairs or proches in cities and in towns.  We believed that the goverment was for the people once upon a time.  That the Unitied States was the land of opportunity.  There was pride in being american.

Is this really a used to be?  Or is it that we are just a little off track?  We do have a great country with the people of this country being amazing.  We have overcome much and know what is right for the citizen’s of this land.  Sometimes all of us, yes most likly all, get comfortable and uninvolved with what is going on.  But still there is a pride and a love of this country we call home. 

It is possible to honor each other and to hold each other high.  It is possible to hold government to a high standard and not just simply go back and forth between the parties during a vote.  It is possible to believe in great business going after newness and fairness.  We are neighbors, and we are maericans, and we go want greatness I believe from each and every person that is a part of this home, this country, the United States of America.



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