The Drive Within

Posted on December 16, 2008 by Liz Cosline 2 Comments

There is a lot of talk these days about things going wrong or problems in the U.S.  But I suppose whatever time it is there will be talk of something going wrong.  Another obstacle in the way.  Things happen to people, to all of us, sometime or another.  We have a family emergency, are late for work, have a flat tire, or someone is inconsiderate or perhaps even rude. Sometimes it even seems like a person lacks humanness.  Yet it really comes down to what is done with these events.


I suppose most have heard about “ The Secret.”  I have had interest in looking at this in different ways.  I had a near death experience in 2001 that definitely changed my life.  I had a brain aneurysm that burst in my head and I could actually at the time, feel myself dying.  It felt at first like I had been shot or someone had hit me with a baseball bat in the head.  My body crumbled and seemed to longer work.  I fell to the ground with my eyesight going very blurry and experienced a crushing pain like no other.  But what occurred next is what changed my life.  It was all about being shown things, being taught.


I have thought about different religions, spirituality, the secret, life coaching, different cultures and ceremonies, and simply people.  We have the law of attraction in the secret and we have ask and you will receive in the Bible.  So which is it?  Are they really separate or can they work together?  The catholic religion puts a lot of emphasis on Mary while others put it on Jesus alone.  Does Mary get too much attention?  The Jewish religion talks to God with Jesus not really mentioned except to be a prophet or minister.  What’s going on there?

And there are a host of others that have different beliefs and ceremonies that many have fought over for centuries. So which line of think is right?  I ponder on the fighting for or against religion because though it in most cases religion is a core for in a person,  a basis for a person’s life in many respects,  it is not something that can be taken away.  Oh sure all the symbols could be removed, but the essence would remain.


When that aneurysm hit me and I could feel the life draining or perhaps beginning to go somewhere else as a world converged on mine.  It was definitely separate and it was definitely another place.  It appeared right on top of this and I knew there were two worlds.  In this world I could feel the concern of others and hear everything that was said.  And in that other world I could feel the compassion, the warmth, the completeness.  There were no hurts, not even my head hurt anymore, no fighting, no obstacles, no tension, no pain.  None.  No physical or emotional pain. There was fullness.  It felt like everything was as it should be. There was comfort.   It was home. 


Things became clearer as I healed from this injury.  People understand things in the ways that will go in, individually.  It is a very personal relationship with the universe, with God, with Jesus, or with the secret.   And we have through the years looked far away to get answers, to the heavens, to the universe, to nature, and to Jesus and God.  And we have tried to have it be the same for everyone.  But to me it has been said that the power lies within us to envision the life we are meant to and want to have.  Yes through and by God but the power is not far away at all but right with and in us.  It is up to us to tap into that power and with and through each other also decide the world we wish to have.  God empowers all of us.  What grows this power is the consideration of each other, the politeness, the helping, the thanking, and the asking for direction.  Lifting up positive energy to include and accept.


The power within.  The secret says envision and the law of attraction will bring it to you.  God says ask and you will receive.  You will receive.  WOW!  It is all in your hands.  Having a place where we make it and are proud of our world is all in our hands.  That is the power within united with others. It is all up to you.  And it is up to me.   It is left up to us.


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