Presidential Campaigns

Posted on October 15, 2008 by Liz Cosline 3 Comments

We have heard the candidates and seen many commercials.  We have heard the downfalls of the present president and what each of the candidates now running have and have not done.  What they say they believe and what they say they will do if elected.  I have listened, read articles, and talked with people.  What I personally wished had not happened, but seems to always happen,  is the negative ads.

This country needs to come together.  This country needs to have the people looked at, recognized, taken seriously, and care taken in their needs.  And so does the world.  It is my thinking that we should take responsibility for our lives and the lives we wish to have, the country we wish to have, and the world we wish to have.  That finally people together state that everything ( including but not limited to) business, commerce, decisions, healthcare, schools, etc. should be about people, with respect.  Everything needs to be about life.


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