Michael Jackson

Posted on July 3, 2009 by Liz Cosline No Comments

I don’ know what Michael Jackson’s life off the stage was like.  I don’t know what he thought about.  I saw neverland only on the television.  I saw news reports and interviews.  I saw his looks change and yet I don’t know the reasons.

But I do know that he touched people all over the world.  I do know that he danced like no other.  To me he sometimes looked sad except he never looked that way on stage.  He is and I suppose will always be the king of pop.  He has done incredible things.

So I think out loud here and believe he deserves to rest.  He deserves to be honored of rhis accpmplishments. And if he made any mistakes it is simply because he was human.  Amazingly creative and definitely had dreams he went afterand reached.   I simply think he has the right and people have the right to say goodbye without the controversy that is either there or not.

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