Honoring a Person – It’s a Honor

Posted on January 24, 2011 by Liz Cosline 30 Comments

Funny how honor gets talked about in the military, marriage,funerals,  and when giving out awards.   I suppose there are other places but these come to mind the most.  What is honoring a person all about?

To me it has many aspects that are not so hard to do.  In just the normal dealings with people honoring is about listening when someone is talking, being interested in what is being said, having patience with people, encouraging them to go after dreams, and celbrating people.   It’s about making people feel important and seeing the good things they accomplish.   Honoring is about finding the good in people, enjoying their company, and telling them the things that are appreciated.

Honoring is about lifting up.  It about letting a person know he or she has importance.


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