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Posted on December 9, 2009 by Liz Cosline 231 Comments

Everyone wants to feel secure and have security at all times but it seems more prevalent during the holidays. To be secure that it will be a fun and festive time. To have hopes for joyous occasions to happen. And during these times to even have the security to have the money to get those amazing gifts to bring happiness to each other.

But security comes from knowing their are friends and family. It comes from seeing that there is joy in being together instead of being all about presents. It comes from continuing on through hard times and appreciating those around us. Yes holidays,vacations, going out, and having fun are great but sometimes the commercial part takes over instead of remembering that life is most meaningful when there is caring, thoughtfulness, laughter, joy, and of course the love that surrounds us. Be secure in the the people around you.

Remember to take the time to make the relationships strong and have people and family you can count on.  Perhaps this is the best security.  Take a look at life and make sure the people close to you know how much they mean to you.  Reach out to those are special to you.

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