Coming and Working and Being Together

Posted on February 8, 2009 by Liz Cosline 2 Comments

There are amazing things that happen when people join together to solve problems.  Many things have been solved when people talk things out and brain storm about several and different solutions.  Sometimes there is so much energy that everyone feels they are a part of the outcome.  Though we often seem to feel that everyone should be independent it might be a good idea to come together to help each other repair, and have the country we wish to have.  Start networking, trading for work needed, give a free service, see what others are doing, or get a ton of ideas from your employees.  Ideas and solutions do not come without being sought after.


  • I saw your post at the life coach fourm, from what I have seen, we could start a unfied life coach concept, I myself am just getting started; I am a BeachBodycoach, and I am in the process of becoming a licensed financial advisior, at primercia! I was hoping you would joint me! I plan on becoming a part of amway, and several other businesses check out my webblog, and tell me what you think!?

  • JT Long says:

    Love the idea of coming together to create more than the sum of its parts. My last book was The Writer’s Secret: MasterMind Your Way to Publishing Success based on the idea that no one should have to write alone. I run a couple of writer’s groups that meet regularly to share success stories, network, brainstorm, set goals and hold one another accountable for moving toward publishing. Authors must still take individual responsibility for their progress, but they have the support of a larger group.

    Keep up the great posts.

    JT Long

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