Challenging Times

Posted on November 24, 2008 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Anything at anytime can become challenging.  Just when you think life is going along smoothly, something or a few things can smack you right in the face.  It could be at work or your relationship with your partner or kids.  It could be an unexpected death of a loved one or a country that has faltered.  Yet it is the hard times that show a person’s true nature.  There will be people that stand up and help, reorganize priorities, calm people’s anxieties, and give advice.  There will be people who talk about solutions and hope.  For every challenge there have been those that make it their business to find how to correct the situation.  And though there will be those that try to take advantage by coming together and staying informed a solution can be found.  Let us help each other get through whatever is in the way of having a productive and satifying life, country, and world.

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