In a time of transition Liz helped me refocus my energy and work towards my goals while providing support and cheering me on. Liz was great in providing motivation and coaching, helping me get focused, and being honest when it was important. Thanks Liz!”

Sean Peck

“Liz has been an inspiration to me throughout my life.  She has so many innate leadership qualities and she knows how and when to apply them.  Best of all, she’s a great teacher and a patient listener.  If you’re looking for someone who’s got the tools and the experience, she’s your jackpot.”

Jeff Snader    C0-Owner Techtonics & MLU Commissionor

Liz Cosline is an inspiration to all blessed to connect with her essence. Her life is a testament to the strength and courage of the human spirit. When one reads her writings and hears her story they are witness to humanitys highest good , for greatness is forged through struggle. Liz is a unique light in this world whose life and work nurture ones soul.

Having visited her magnificent site – Song of One Unexpected Life –  I can say with sincerity that I am a better man for the experience. Liz is an exceptional human being who explores the deeper meaning of life while empowering and motivating all blessed to know her. She embraces positive change and seeks to help all who struggle. Hers is a journey of the positive energy and purpose and for that she should be honored and celebrated.

Liz has a deep hearted connection to life and the world is a better place with her in it. The difference between a victim and a hero is this – a victim is one who allows their circumstance to define them , a hero is one who uses their circumstance to inspire them. Liz Cosline is a hero!

Micheal Teal- Poet and Spiritual Consultant