Team Building- Tips for Success

Posted on June 7, 2009 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

Teams needs to have certain knowledge and thought processes to believe they are a team.  Team building makes sure that the following is in place for the members of the team.

1.  Team members need to know that people on the team are trained and can do the job.  It is also important that there is confidence that the members want to do the job and be a part of the team.  This is shown in many ways as in the words used and the actions of the members.

2. Teams need freedom to do their jobs.  This also shows that the leaders have confidence in the team.  Letting the team make some of the decisions shows confidence.

3.  Believing in the team is important.  This allows the team to believe also.  Leaders need to believe and show that the team can and will get it done.

4.  Teams want and need to know that people will work together.  But most important is knowing the goals they are working towards.  This has to be clear and communicated well.

5.  Creativity is wonderful to encourage inside a team.  Wonderful ideas come from memebers of a team and many times find easier ways of getting the job done.  They do it everyday and though leaders and coaches can push them further and encourage, many times the best ideas come from the team.

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