Team Building – The Emotional Side

Posted on June 27, 2009 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

Teams are made up of humans.  Humans have emotions.  Sooner or later the team will disagree and at times even argue or fight.  We want teams to get excited and motivated and by the way that is emotional.  So as humans go through the paces of being up and then down, it’s just natural, sometimes those emotions are shown.  To deny this or put a halt to it doesn’t serve any purpose.  Now I’m not saying let it get out of hand but it needs to be acknowledged.

Once the emotion is recognized then emotions can be redirected into the solving of issues.  Home life affects work and the other way around.  Sometimes it just takes a checking in with the players or  team members to see how things are going.  Every player has a slump at some time or other and that’s emotional too.  It’s about working with the person to get the slump over with, and it is certainly not making the person feel bad about it.

Even though it seems at time business is void of emotion, it just isn’t true.

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