Is it possible to get a team to motivate itself?

Posted on July 4, 2010 by Liz Cosline 15 Comments

What are your thoughts.


  • Lisa says:

    This could be an excellent discussion and interesting what people think about this. Be great to talk about.

  • Rob says:

    In some ways it is possible for this but if the question means for a team to take care of itself I don’t think so. There would be problems.

  • Julie says:

    There would probably be problems with a team motivating itself. It needs a leader to keep everyone together. I don’t think people can do that themselves alone.

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  • Pat says:

    Every team needs a leader. I just watched one of those cooking challenge shows where 12 chefs were trying to work as a team. What a mess! They were motivated but could not get any direction because there was no designated leader and therefore they were going in 12 different directions.
    So bottom line, yes I think a team can get motivated, but without a leader it can become chaos!

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  • Camgirls says:

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  • Lauree says:

    If the team is a harmonized team then all members become leaders at some time. With clear cut goals of the team each members talents will step up and lead while the other team members assist. I believe there is usually the visionary….that gathers the team players….and, if the team players are accountable to the goals, they will all be the leader in some way.

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