No Emotions in Teams or Work- It’s All Business

Posted on July 2, 2009 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Separate work and home and goals and fun and emotions and ………  Motivate your team and get them all fired up but no emotion.  Home life is to be left at home and work life is to be left at work.  All tasks are to be completed and never feel anything about it.  have pride in what you do —- wait —– is that an emotion?

It can’t and doesn’t happen.  Nothing is separated.  We as humans will have emotions and feelings and that is simply a fact.  There is no place that are just going to be turned off.  Instead they should be acknowledged that they are a part of work and a part of teams with balance being taught instead of denial.  The faster the emotion is dealt with the more quickly things will get back on track.  Emotion needs to be in a managed state.  Even great uplifting emotion can get out of hand.  So realize it is a part of life, denial doesn’t work.

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