Maintenance of a Team

Posted on March 24, 2010 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

There is a lot of attention given to team building and well there should be.  There are fantastic techniques, training materials, games, and procedures for getting this done.  It is a very important and rewarding experience for all involved.  There is however a time that comes when the team has all the members, most if not all of the training has been done, everyone knows their job, and the performance begins.

What often happens at this point is the building stops.  There is almost a relaxation in the team, leader included, where the team is expected to perform and the mode switches to taking care of problems that occur.  The attention that was being given in a very intense way now turns into less attention mode.  This is a natural occurance and probably isn’t given a lot of thought.

This will affect the team.   The team still needs to be guided, communication, and know that it will still have daily attention.  I call this the maintenance of a team.  How does a team stay motivated and keep high performance day after day?  How do the members know that what they do matters?  This takes having leaders feedback to the team members on a regular basis, check in on how it is going, touch base with each member weekly if possible ( most of the time it is) or bi-weekly at the least.

Right about now there are some saying that this is impossible.  But I am not talking about hours of talks face to face.  Today we have phones, e-mail, notes on in boxes, or a wave from across the room.  We have lists of employees to check off and check off again.  The most motivating aspect to an employee is that the leader cares.  Cares about the job, cares about the company, and yes cares about the individual.

There is more to maintenance of a team but this gives an idea that it’s not just about building, it’s also about keeping it going.

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