Leadership Aspects

Posted on January 14, 2010 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

What is it about someone that gets people to not only listen but do what this person asks. Not only in a work setting though this is one of the prime examples but on other settings also.

The following traits are many of the respected aspects of leaders:

1. Leaders listen to what the team is saying not only as a team but also individually. listening gives a good indication of where the team is and what might be in the way of the job to be done.

2. Leaders have empathy and understand that people have things happen in their lives that should be acknowledged and redirected. the job still has to get done but team members are human and their moods may be affected at times.

3. Leaders have a plan and know where they want the team to go. They make this known to the team.

4. Leaders believe in the team and they make that known. They encourage members of the team to succeed as well as cheering on the team.

5. Leaders communicate very well. They outline the goals and keep a check on the progress.

6. Leaders trust their team and give freedom in getting things done believing that the team cares about what is being done.

7. Leaders care about their people.

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