Change Management

Posted on July 9, 2011 by Liz Cosline No Comments

This is not an easy thing to accomplish in an organization and takes time but it can be done. One of the aspects in planning change is to get it defined on what the outcome will be. Though this is often written down and decided by the company now the harder part occurs.

There are many people in a company all with certain perspectives, thoughts, and beliefs. Management views things differently than employees. When going after change it is essential to have everyone understand the same definitions and know how each fits into this change. Without all being on the same page it grows more difficult to attain the changes desired.

I have also seen that a change is intitiated and gets a lot of attention at first but then the reinforcement of this change seems to fade. This may be because people leave, or reminders stop, or it hasn’t been fully implemented in all departments. Not only can this cause frustration but it can also confuse employees when some are doing the changes and some are not.

Change management is ongoing and again will take planning plus the time dedicated to have it be a continuing part of the organization.

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