Team Building – Myth or Magic? (From the Front Management)

Team Building- Myth or Magic? – EBook

(order at bottom of page)   Is it possible to have a team that excels consistently?  A team that knows how to conduct itself, go for more?  This e-book is about the philosophy being used along with experience that reveals what employees want.  It is the thinking behind the training program coming to address front line management from a front line view. (39 pgs) This talks about the the thinking necessary to have success in any team.  Businesses  can have championship teams.

Discipline takes a lot of time. Discipline costs a lot of money.  Accountability is lacking. Absenteeism costing lots of money. Retention problems. Front line Managers having trouble. Front line managers frustrated.  McKinsey report showing CEO’s dissatisfied. The possibility of lawsuits always present.

Now take it all on – head on.

Since the problems are at the front line then that is exactly where you must go to correct them. Since the daily successes are also at the front line it is where the support needs to be.

Have you ever had a team stumble?

Have employee seemed without energy?

Are there absences occurring?

Do employees grumble and complain?

Are employees atarting to come in late?

Are mistakes happening more often?

Are the smiles disappearing in the department?

“From the Front” Management

Getting to the source. This is where the front line manager becomes the foundation that teams want leading to the success companies desire. Program coming to address interviews for employment,  interview questions to really get an idea of an applicant, surveys for employees, and the front line problems addressed.   Sign up hereand get updates.  Go here to take a look at what the program offer: From the Front Management Training Program


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Team Success – Myth or Magic? – the ebook that has you understand the employee mindset.


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