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Employees Have Thoughts About the Company Often

Posted on 05/17/12 by Liz Cosline No Comments

First we will get the pay out of the way. Though employees should be paid market value because this is simply fair, pay is not a long term motivator but it certainly can be demotivating. The pay scale should be understood by employees along with market values with the ability to ask for a raise […]

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Keeping Employee Interaction

Posted on 06/21/11 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Too high a cost to not address.

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From the Front Management™ Training Program Testimonials

Posted on 05/11/11 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

 Thank you for your amazing comments.   From the Front Management™ Training Program I began the From The Front Management Training Program during a tumultuous time at my company.  I was seriously considering resigning my position and looking for other employment.  I have been with the organization for 7 years and a supervisor (Front Line […]

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