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Jackie Evancho Thanks

Posted on 09/18/10 by Liz Cosline 5 Comments

You probably don’t realize it yet but you are a child that reminds everyone about dreams. Thanks for going after your dreams at such a young age and showing that we all have dreams we should grab ahold of and go after. You have touched many peolple with an unforgetable voice, wonderful entertainment, and a […]

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Dealing With Work Problems

Posted on 09/16/10 by Liz Cosline 19 Comments

What is a problem? It is anything that is real or it can be imagined that becomes an obstacle. It is anything that is halting the forward progress to reaching the goals. Take the fear of public speaking and when thought about much of that fear is false. The fear of being judged by the […]

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What type of person should lead teams?

Posted on 07/17/10 by Liz Cosline 5 Comments

What are the attributes a person should have in leadership?   Let me  know what you think.

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