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Liz Cosline – What does she know about management anyway? By Barbara Zaga

Posted on 06/03/10 by Liz Cosline 36 Comments

Sign up for Newsletter – tips on coaching, teams, life and more. Name: Email Address: What is your interest? Life Ownership Coaching Team Building Speaking All Information is not shared. Hate SPAM.   This HTML form was created by Freedback. Who is Liz Cosline? What makes her think that she has anything new to add […]

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When Conflict Happens – Teams

Posted on 10/10/09 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

In any group or team sooner or later there will be a conflict that arises.  This is not a bad thing at all.  People disagree and if presented and handled properly it can be very productive.  Great ideas or learning from different perspectives can happen from disagreements.  However at times it does cause a little […]

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