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You Will Sign Your Name

Posted on 02/15/12 by Liz Cosline 4 Comments

There are always choices and decisions.  Hundreds are made every day from what to have for breakfast to what time to go to bed and all the tons of things in between.   Every action, word, gesture, clothes you wear, colors you pick, body language, and expressed thoughts will tell other who you are.  You sign […]

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Should Employees Have a Say in Business

Posted on 10/23/10 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Many decisions are made in any business day to day.  As for the decisions of new clients or expansion it is the executives of a business that make these decisions and certainly they have the information to do so.  But in the every day workings of the organization there are hundreds of decisions going on […]

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Posted on 11/21/09 by Liz Cosline 4 Comments

Change seems to make many people nervous.  I suppose it is the unknown and there is comfort in things being the same.  When they are the same everyone knows how to act and what to say or at least that is the perception.  Funny thing thought, things are changing constantly.  This is good because it […]

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