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Never Settle

Posted on 03/12/10 by Liz Cosline No Comments

There are times to compromise And times to agree Times to listen And times to talk There are times to be careful And times to takes risks Times to help Times to be helped But never is there a time To not live fully Never is there a time To settle.

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The Essence

Posted on 01/08/10 by Liz Cosline No Comments

The days can be hectic Filled with sounds and sights The days can go by fast Turning around to see thousands pass So much to do So much to get done And time will go by Many will say what you should do Many will tell which way to go Many will redirect Many will […]

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Look Behind

Posted on 08/07/09 by Liz Cosline 7 Comments

Going forward Can’t always see how far from the destination Pull from the within Finish the work Making new goals and plans Meeting new people Seeing and learning Still the destination not clear But continue Every now and then feel a little tired Just a little wondering Looking forward And then… Perspective changes A look […]

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