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Keeping Employee Interaction

Posted on 06/21/11 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Too high a cost to not address.

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Greatness of Teams

Posted on 02/19/11 by Liz Cosline 27 Comments

Every business, every company, and sport team wants to have the team that excels in is consistent.  In business the employees are the ones and especially the frontline employees, where they are in contact with the customers daily.  It is here that the customers will see attitudes, moods, plus whether an employee looks happy at […]

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The Heart of Business

Posted on 02/15/11 by Liz Cosline 11 Comments

http://www.selfgrowth.com/  Thank you Selfgrowth in all the amazing things you do and for posting my article on your home page.   Your gift is appreciated.  It is about gifts even when talking about business.  Going the extra mile for customers are gifts, listening and hearing employees is the right thing to do but is a gift, […]

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