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Is it true that companies do not develop frontline managers enough?

Posted on 11/29/10 by Liz Cosline 2 Comments

There is a lot of talk from different management sites and the McKensey report about the lack of development with frontline management.  What do you think?  If so – what kind of training is lacking?

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Keeping it Going with Marketing Campaigns

Posted on 04/24/09 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Whenever a new product comes out or a new service there is usually a marketing campaign that goes with it.  This is different than a promotion because promotion normally are a short term deal.  campaigns run longer and in fact should never stop.  Look at Coca-cola and Pepsi that continually advertise.  Consumers, myself included, just […]

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What Messages Do You Give Yourself?

Posted on 03/06/09 by Liz Cosline 3 Comments

In the course of a day, during a project at home or at work, after tasks have been completed, or when you arise in the morning, what do you say to yourself?  Do you wish yourself a good day?  Do you notice the accomplishments you have done?   It really is productive and OK to look […]

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