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Changing Culture in Business

Posted on 03/23/11 by Liz Cosline 5 Comments

First let’s have the same definition of business culture.  Business culture is the way your organization operates, it’s customs, attitudes, protocol, procedures, and etiquette etc.   On the web (google) culture is defined as: Etiquette (pronounced [,eti’ket]) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social […]

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What is motivating?

Posted on 03/18/11 by Liz Cosline 11 Comments

We talk about motivating people but what really motivates people?  Is it seeing something they want that they will work towards?  Is it the promise of getting something a reward?  Is it bettering ourselves?  We already know that in business raises in pay have short term affect.  Even when attaining new better paying jobs it […]

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Best Quality Of Life Index –

Posted on 03/04/11 by Liz Cosline 9 Comments

So what is looked at for the best quality of life.  This particular one looks at, (worldwide), culture, cost of living, economy, environment, health, freedom, safety, climate, etc.  There may be a few others but these are the some if not all the indicators for the countries in the world.  So who do you think […]

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