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Checklist for Business Teams

Posted on 02/06/12 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Here is your checklist: Are your employees coming to work every day at a high percentage? Are they late often? Are they quitting? Have you reviewed your employee handbook and has it updated? Do your frontline managers know what’s in it? Do your supervisors have the skills, knowledge and trust to confidently make decisions on […]

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Greatness of Teams

Posted on 02/19/11 by Liz Cosline 27 Comments

Every business, every company, and sport team wants to have the team that excels in is consistent.  In business the employees are the ones and especially the frontline employees, where they are in contact with the customers daily.  It is here that the customers will see attitudes, moods, plus whether an employee looks happy at […]

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How to Know The Efforts Are Working with Teams

Posted on 07/20/10 by Liz Cosline 10 Comments

1. Pay Attention/Notice: Awareness is the first step of anything. 2.   Ask Questions – Ask your boss, your peers, people in your facility, and employees: How things are working? Is anything in the way of getting the work accomplished? What, if we made a change, would most improve your work experience? 3. Examine Your Beliefs […]

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