What is the Bottom Line for any business?



Happy Customers!

How does any business insure happy and satisfied customers?

Excellent Products… Services… Prices… are all important

Extraordinary Customer Service Makes the Difference


Exceptional Frontline Employees and Managers make that Foundational Difference

The Foundational Difference = Frontline Excellence

Frontline Excellence Starts with the Frontline Manager

The Frontline Manager can be the Problem or the Solution

The Frontline Manager Problem

Is AVERAGE ever “good enough”?

Can your frontline leaders meet your future business needs?

Are they just average or mediocre?

What is the IMPACT of average or mediocre employees and management?

Employee disengagement

High turnover

Mediocre business results

Poor customer service

Low performance

Customer complaints

Lost business

Minimum effort

Low morale

Lost revenues

Average leaders rob you of the chance to be extraordinary

Tired of average results?

Stop using average development and give us a call today!

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The Frontline Manager Solution

Unlock the Potential of Frontline Managers

The most influential members of your company’s team are your frontline managers. Ironically enough, the frontline managers are also the most costly members of your company when they do not perform well.

· Frontline managers supervise frontline employees who interface with your customers

· Frontline managers take your directives and are responsible for communicating them to the people who actually do the work

· Frontline managers cultivate a culture of respect real-time in the company – OR NOT

· Frontline managers are also the single most important indicator whether employee will Stay – OR NOT

Take Frontline Managers from AVERAGE to EXCEPTIONAL by calling us today!

Unlock the Potential of Frontline Managers with our Individual Coaching model that focuses on the two cornerstones of extraordinary management:

Mindset and Relationships

The answer is…

From the Front Management ™

Training System

Why us?

The From the Front Management™ Training System sets the bar on leadership development and provides a training system that works for you to ensure frontline manager excellence. The program is specifically designed for the development and success of the frontline manager.

What sets us apart?

  • A Coaching Model specifically designed to develop frontline mangers into a highly skilled management team
  • A unique approach to training managers with specific predetermined goals
  •  Highly skilled “FFM Coaches”
  •  Monthly in-house training
  •  1 Full Year of Individual Follow-Up Coaching to apply the training to real-time situations
  •  Manager Toolkit
  •  Customized strategies and customized solutions
  •  On-site training to minimize time away from work


The From the Front Management™ Training System will transform your management hassles and headaches into:


  • Managers who lead employees desired performance
  • A predictable, permanent solution for improving frontline manager results
  • A workplace that hums rather than struggles
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved employee performance
  • Decreased turnover costs
  • Improved employee morale
  • True frontline leader success leading to sustainable business results
  • A professional business connection with your employees through the frontline manager
  • Employees who are in sync and on board with your vision and strategy

Easy to say but how do you get it done?

Give us a call today or send us an e-mail if you are not yet convinced that WE are the solution.


When Is AVERAGEgood enough”?

You decide.


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“Finally! Someone who knows how to solve the problem of unsatisfactory performance at the front line. In over 35 years in business, as a frontline employee, frontline manager, and as business owner, I have not seen a training protocol that has the relevance of “From the Front.” This system and Coach Liz takes us back to basics. Rather than taking out a hammer to pound the frontline for improved performance (and, REALLY, has that even helped?), she has created a training system that builds up the frontline managers and teaches them how to elicit top performance from their teams. Anyone who is frustrated with the frontline needs to take a serious look at this program.”

Barbara Zaga, Owner and CEO, Glasstoration Technologies LLC

“Liz really ‘gets’ essential concepts around maximizing a team and the difference between management and true leadership.And it’s evident that she’s truly passionate about these concepts.”

-Judith Marie, Consultant Human Resources and Legal

“Liz Cosline’s From The Front Management Training System is destined to become the go-to survival guide for anyone who needs Supervisor/Management training.In my twenty-five years of workforce development training, particularly in Supervisor/Management training, I have witnessed first-hand the performance pain that supervisors/managers face when they have not embraced a team environment or when the company has not had effective training systems in Leadership or Management.

From the Front Management Training System is the right combination of hard-hitting tools, information and resources that can be tailored to any work environment providing a quality driven, professionally written, comprehensive training program. If you are looking for a relevant, sustainable training system that will raise the level of performance within your team, I encourage you to get this program today!”

Toni Reece, President, The PEOPLE Academy, Inc.

Get the program today!

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Meet Our Supporters

David Riklan is the president and founder of Self Improvement Online, Inc., the leading provider of self-improvement and personal growth information on the Internet. More info…….

His premier Self Improvement website, SelfGrowth.com, gets over 1.2 Million visitors a month. His company also publishes six e-mail newsletters going out to over 950,000 weekly subscribers on the topics of self improvement, natural health, personal growth, relationships, home business, sales skills, and brain improvement.


Joe Fermano Make it a great day… it’s the only one you’ve got! That’s Joe Fermano’s philosophy! Joe has achieved remarkable success in the Financial Consulting field for the past three decades. He credits his success – reaching the top 1% of his industry to discipline, service & attitude! He’s also a President’s Council and Chairman’s Council Club Member. Joe brings his years of experience of advising people and their “proven” methods of success to listeners world-wide from his weekly Radio Show The “How To Use Your Life” Show! Inspiring interviews & compelling stories of people “using” their lives to their fullest potential is the purpose of the show. Recent interviews include Shevaun Voison, Publisher & Editor –in- Chief Motivated Magazine. Timothy Ferris, Author of “The 4 hour Work Week.” Max Ritz, Allstar Pro-Lacrosse player and star of MTV’s hit series, “The Hills!” Joe continues to consult & speak to Fortune 500 & Fortune 100 Companies. His website www.joefermano.com includes the Daily-Dose Newsletter, MoJo Video Blog and Speaking Information. As a husband & father of three, Joe’s commitment to helping people through the information he collects and shares is rooted in the love he receives and gives to his family and now to you! “Service is the rent we pay for our space on earth.” More info……. e-mail joe@joefermano.com

Viki Winterton Viki Winterton is founder of Expert Insights Family of Opportunity, including Write Away, Write Now! and thecoachexchange.com communities, Insights and Published! magazines, and co-founder of The Coaches’ Edge Extravaganza. Viki is a respected coach and consultant who has provided successful results for Fortune 500 companies and individuals in varied industries in international and domestic settings since 1989. She has secured advanced studies and certifications from Anthony Robbins, the Life Purpose Institute, and the Institute for Development of Well Being, is an active member of the International Coach Federation and serves on the board of The Coach Initiative for non- profit organizations and leaders. More info…….


Janet Powers
An experienced entrepreneur, self-proclaimed corporate management refugee, media darling, speaker and radio show host, Janet Powers is Founder, President and Chief Executive Diva of the Diva Toolbox. In 2011, the launch of the Diva of Distinction Program was designed to help women in business connect, promote and partner with clients, media and business. Janet’s goal for the Diva of Distinction Program is to help women in business get the exposure they need to succeed. Janet has been featured in over 100 media. Janet is the recipient of the 2011 WIN International Women’s Day Service Excellence Award, 2010 President’s Call to Service Award and was nominated for the NAFE Outstanding Entrepreneur Award. Janet’s passion for helping women to connect with women has helped her to develop partnerships with Pitchrate.com, Simmons Leadership Conference, The Women’s Economic Summit and Blog Talk Radio. Janet’s philanthropic efforts include working with CARE.org, FriendsofMel.org, OvationsfortheCure.org and ArmyofWomen.org. More info…….



Judith Marie Judith M. Marie has extensive experience as both an HR executive and legal professional. She has held several leadership positions in Human Resources in the Boston area. In addition to working as an attorney, Judith also provides consulting services on Human Resources and Legal matters for a variety of organizations in the Boston area. Judith received her B. A. from Providence College in Providence, RI and her J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA. She is currently a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, the New England Human Resources Association and the Society of Human Resources Professionals.

Rena Reese, M.S. – the founder of Soul Salon International, an inspirational multi-media company which offers coaching and consulting, web-design, video creation, publishing support, and fund-raising opportunities for individuals and groups. She is an instructor at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Maryland, radio host, and the author of many inspirational books that support the spiritual and physical revivals of her readers. She is a regular contributing writer to Affluent Magazine, Yang-Sheng Magazine and a featured expert with Success Television. Her company is firmly rooted in public service and sponsorshttp://HeadedForHealing.com and http://WhatsRightWithKidsToday.com. More info…..

Karen Langston is a globally recognized authority who embodies the spirit of altruism. A primary tenet of her philosophies is the personal development and growth of others. Karen Langston is an author, mentor, coach, corporate wellness, business and executive coach and keynote speaker. In her role as an internationally recognized Nutritionist and health and wellness coach, she consults with clients across Canada and the US. She has the uncanny ability to create an environment of non-judgmental openness while helping others tackle issues which are deeply personal, aligning strategies, goals and objectives with proven results. More info…..

Lauree Wangler has extensive experience leading teams to success as a coach, trainer and speaker. She currently leads as Director of Nursing Services for a Skilled Nursing Facility. In addition to working as a Director of Nursing Services she also provides attorney support in legal cases as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Lauree is qualified to provide comprehensive consulting services in legal matters involving a wide range of medical issues. She is a seasoned Registered Nurse with more than a decade of medical experience in hospital and post acute care settings. She is a graduate of Lake Region State College and the Vickie Milazzo Institute National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Following graduation, she worked throughout Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities with emphasis on skilled nursing, MDS and leadership.

David Couper is a career coach, consultant and writer who successfully coached individuals at all levels including CEOs of major companies wanting a new challenge, frustrated souls wanting to make their dream come true, and front-line employees laid off and desperate to get a job. His lates book: Outsiders On The Inside: How To Create A Winning Career…Even When You Don’t Fit In! was published August 2010 by Career Press.

He is based in Los Angeles, CA.

More info…..



Lisa E. Ruedemann is Entrepreneur, Food Operations Expert and Co-Founder of RC Global Ventures, LLC -a Multi-Division Corporation for E-commerce, Business Team Building and Coaching, and Song of One Unexpected Life™ S.O.U.L.™. Lisa E. Ruedemann is currently contracted with The Department of Defense as a Critical Thinker for the development of a Global Database Application. Her experience includes Nation-Wide Consulting troubleshooting Healthcare facilities with federal, state, and local inspection compliance issues, operational improvements, budget compliance/cost reductions and labor relations . Executive Chef for exclusive Country Clubs in Miami, Private Catering for the Stars, Restaurants in Boston, South Beach and Key West. Lisa received her Master’s in Health Services Administration from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida in addition to other academic degrees and invited to join Phi Bata Kappa Society. Lisa is a Nursing Home Administrator, past Board Member for a Miami Chamber Organization.

Dianne Crampton, founder of TIGERS Success Series, is one of North America’s leading authorities on business team culture and is a sought-after national speaker, business team consultant, leadership team development coach and author. She helps leaders build teams of employees who are as committed to their organization’s success as the leaders are by deploying her proprietary TIGERS process which stands for trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success. Nominated by Merrill Lynch for the Western Region Inc. Magazine Entrepreneurial Awards, her service to socially responsible mergers and workforce development leadership teams spans both the public and private sector.

She also authored: ● TIGERS Among Us [http://www.TigersAmongUs.com] – Willing Business Team Cultures & Why They Thrive (2010, Three Creeks Publishing) ● Contributing Author & Management Consultant to the Pfeiffer 2010 Consulting Annual (John Wiley & Sons) ● Contributing author to Working Together: Producing Synergy by Honoring Diversity. (Barrett Koehler 2003) with endorsements from Steven Covey.


Toni Reece is President of The PEOPLE Academy, Inc., Founder of The Get Inspired! Project and Co-Founder of Express Yourself Network.

Toni Reece has been a personal and business development Coach for twenty years and started her first company BaySix Training, Inc. in 1995. In addition to being the first trained practitioner in the United States for the international people-development model, Investors in People, her previous coaching experience includes; Manager of Customer Quality and Director of Continuous Quality Improvement using the skills of coaching to facilitate success in all aspects of customer quality for a Fortune 1000 company, as well as becoming an ISO-9000 Lead Auditor to provide the “people” coaching approach to the “process” approach in workforce development. Toni uses her coaching skills and workflow process skills in concert with a highly passionate ability to work with people at all levels of an organization. As comfortable on the shop floor as she is in the boardroom. Toni Reece resides in the United States and is the President of The PEOPLE Academy, Inc. an international company providing resources and tools for business and personal development. More Info…



Sandra (Levitin) Morgan is the Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief of Kalön Women (www.kalonwomen.com), an online magazine and blog, Kalon Communities – a networking community, Kalon Klicks – a business directory, and Morning Coffee with Sandra radio show – all designed and geared toward supporting her rapidly growing 65,000 subscriber base of women forty plus. She is also a Mid-Life Strategist who specializes in supporting women through the myriad of life changes after forty.Appointed to the 2011 Board of Directors for IMMN (International Mature Marketing Network)In recognition and appreciation of Sandra’s commitment to volunteer service, she was awarded The President’s Call to Service Award in 2010 for over 4,000 hours of volunteer service.Sandra’s experience and leadership capabilities for the past 30 years led her to be a top salesperson, sales manager and sales trainer for several national and international companies. As a top leader in her field, she moved companies into guiding their training efforts toward the topics of: Developing a Success Blueprint ▪ Creating a Personal Brand ▪ Evaluating “First Impressions” ▪ The Art of Selling ▪ How to Convey Who You Are and What You Do.

More Info…



Jeff Snader – MLU President started his career in the Marine Corps where he refined his skills in leadership and work ethic. He went on to start two businesses focused on small business technology as well as run a 100 employee sales and market research firm at the ripe age of 31.

His burning desire is coaching people, whether in the workplace or on the sports field, in taking responsibility for their actions and challenging themselves to get to their highest level. A session with him might feel like you’re in boot camp but if you buy in to what he’s teaching you’ll leave a better person for it.


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