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“Never before in the history of the universe have YOU existed- and when you are gone, YOU will never repeat !!”


From the Front Management ™ Training Program 


The training program focuses on developing front line employees and equipping them with the skills required to interact

with customers in a way that focuses on complete customer satisfaction.   The goal is to retrain managers and have

 them put a focus on each individual of their team and give them the tools needed to reach individual goals,

team goals, and ultimately corporate goals.


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I work with people who want to go futher and no longer settle.  

Want to know what’s stopping you -and get rid of it.

People who find the programs that are not always correct and correct them 
 Want to get a clear view of where you’re going 
Find out what you really want and go after it 
Do you have S.O.U.L.?  Do you want the next level? 


What is the song inside you? 
You are so worth exploring what you really want and achieving success.



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“Liz is on my short list of people who I’d stand in harm’s way for.”  Keith Brooks

“Liz genuinely cared about her people. This filtered down so that the people also began to care.”  Don Ernst

“Liz inspires her clients to achieve for her as well as for themselves.”  Don Ernst

“Liz’s ‘secret weapon’ is that she inspires her people to do their best for her.” Sherm Moulton

“We felt more valued. We knew that a good job was appreciated.”  Joe Pepe

“I have no respect for a manager who does not treat me with respect.” Keith Brooks

“[with Liz] expectations were clear; if I didn’t meet expectations I knew there were consequences”. Keith Brooks

“{Liz} makes you feel important. She treats you like you are important to her. You [know] you are important.” Keith Brooks

“Liz wants to help people be the best that they can be and achieve what they want for themselves.” Donna Swift



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Radio Interview – wnjc1360 – Host Joe Fermano and Liz Cosline



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