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Reviews and Testimonials:

BOOK, OR FRIENDLY CONVERSATION? October 31, 2008By Don E from Pocono Mts Pennsylvania (read all my reviews)
Favorable: easy inspiration”Having just completed reading Miss Cosline’s latest book, Transcendental Sojourn, I feel more like I have just completed a friendly, thought provoking conversation with a friend, than having read a book! The author’s style is one which is straight forward, and at times intensely thought provoking, while being very down to earth and superbly reader friendly. Miss Cosline get’s one to thinking, and that no doubt is her goal in sharing her personal journal thoughts.I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to visit portions of their own being, which perhaps they have fallen out of touch with recently. Nicely written, at times deep, while at other times, like an off-the-cuff comment, but overall, a fine authoring achievement.”
Gender: MaleAge: 65+

Life is something one often takes for granted. Ask Liz, who after a near death experience, decides to really stop and embrace the full aroma life offers. She searches for that spirituality and purpose that drives us. By embracing life and staying open to the many possibilities, one can wake to create, recognize and live.

Liz speaks of a man from the third world, who lives in much destitution and hardship, yet greets her with a bright smile on his countenance. It is unbelievable how he can be so full of love when many unhappy things are going on in his life. He contributes it to a sign of respect to the other person. By reflecting the same example to others, each day can bring a different array of color and setting.

Time comes and goes, and often one does not really listen to the things around them. A beautiful sunrise or sunset, that might be our last, makes one feel a loss at not ever experiencing such again. Liz thought she might not ever see such things again, but a miracle helped her to regain her inner search to see the true beauty of things. She learns she is never alone, because the Good Lord is always extending his unconditional love. It is a step in her life well-worth the trip.

Transcendental Sojourn-Arrival to One Journal is a learning stage that opens up one’s heart and permits that inner search of self. I found it held many stages in learning to grow and balance out daily living. Liz Cosline sketches her step into self-discovery to show that life has simple pleasures to offer. Her concept of learning to trust, just as a child does a parent, is glowingly reflected as one searches her heart to learn compassion. Her words touched me and gave me considerable thought. They made me rethink daily life, as well as everyone and everything that surrounds us in this encouraging read.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

The New Book Review

Friday, October 3, 2008

Liz Cosline Shares Life/Death Experience

Transcendental Sojourn

By Liz Cosline


ISBN13 Hardcover 978-1-4363-3715-1

ISBN13 Softcover 978-1-4363-3714-4

Reviewed by Lisa E. Ruedemann,

Let me tell you about Liz Cosline’s new book Transcendental Sojourn. It is thought provoking…on to my thoughts……When we get older…yes older …we start reflecting on the lives we’ve led. It is a human thing to reflect upon our life and the place we have in the grand scheme of things. The wonder if we have contributed anything worthwhile or major to this world or at least to our small part of it. Our lives seem so short when you think of it really and over all too soon for most of us. Each of us with a personal view of what death will be and how that fits into the grand scheme of life. A few people have had the opportunity to gain insight into death that the rest of us can only conceptualize as we get closer to the reality. There are a rare few who have actually faced death and have lived to share the experience with us. Liz Cosline is one of those people who faced death and was willing to share her thoughts and views with us on the experience.

Ms. Cosline suffered a brain aneurysm one Easter out hunting eggs. An almost always fatal occurrence, however, she was one of the 1% who miraculously recovered from such a traumatizing event. She expresses her views on how her life has changed and how she now views her life and life’s choices. I have read Ms Cosline’s other books ( One Voice, Unexpected Knowing and Notice for Arrival – a trilogy about near death experience) and wish to share some of the insights I gathered from her journey to the brink of death, through almost death and then the life after near death. I find that her most recent book is her journey into life’s meaning. She writes with a new light on life and gave me much to think about in regards to my own mortality, dreams and aspirations and where I will be after death. The book is such an easy read. Just an account of her philosophy of what life could be like living in harmony and peace, her questions to God , views on God and the place God holds in her life. The changed values and the new way she sees what is important in life. She did not tell me how to think or feel, did not preach a system of belief upon me. She just spoke in her words about her journey through life changes since nearly dying and how she now views living.

Like I said, it is seemingly simple easy reading…every time I have read it. And yes I have read it several times and each time I read it I take something different away some new thought…..a new insight to ponder. Reading this book has me reflecting on my own life, values and what life means to me…and what my death may bring…and how do I live the rest of my time here on this earth. Yes so simple yet thought provoking. Definitely a worth wile choice of must read books.~ Lisa E. Ruedemann, MS HSA

Thank you so much, Liz!

It was equally an honor to work with someone I can FEEL is living what they are speaking about!  It is so wonderful you are sharing what you have received as a gift with the rest of the world.  Keep up the great work!  God kept you here for good reason!


Ilene L. Dillon, MSW and Host

Full Power Living,

“Awakening the World to Emotions”

Life Coaching—certified by Life Coach Institute

Life coaching is all about the dreams and goals plus success of the client.

It is composed of areas of the life that enhance life:

Personal development                                                              Self Esteem

Career Enhancement                                                                 Positive Relationships

Health and Fitness                                                                     Quality of Life

Financial Success                                                                        Taking Control of Your Life

Like an athlete having a Pro coach, because the coach can keep the athlete accountable and has an outside view, it is the same with anyone pushing to go farther to reach the next level.


Jeff Snader

, Owner, Universe Point (business partner)

“Liz has been an inspiration to me throughout my life. She has so many innate leadership qualities and she knows how and when to apply them. Best of all, she’s a great teacher and a patient listener. If you’re looking for someone who’s got the tools and the experience, she’s your jackpot.”

Mary Butler

, Administrative Assistant, Pelham Memorial School (colleague)

“Liz hired me at CMC in June of 2007 for a position in the Patient Transport Department. I immediately sensed that Liz was a strong leader and, in order to bring about the highest level of care for patients at the hospital, had high expectations of her staff. As a supervisor she is caring, understanding and approachable. She has the ability to step back, assess a situation, and then follow through with a decision she feels is fair and in the best interest of those involved. I consider her both an excellent supervisor and an inspiring writer. I wish her all the best in following her dream.

Joseph Pepe, Jr.

, Patient Transporter, Catholic Medical Center (colleague)

“Liz is a natural leader. She is able to “see the big picture” and inspire all those who work with her. One of her strongest attributes is her ability to communicate with her colleages. As a supervisor she is always available to talk and is understanding of everyone’s needs. I consider her both an excellent supervisor and a good friend.”

Don Ernst

, Chief of Department, Fernwood Public Safety Dept (colleague)

“During her time of service with our department, Liz met all types of challenges she encountered, in a manner which allowed for her to progress quickly through the ranks from patrolman, to eventually become our department’s Patrol Force Supervisor holding the rank of Lieutenant. As then Lt Cosline, I found Liz to have a very effective supervisor style, in which she found a perfect blend of “boss” and “worker” needs and goals, which allowed her to achieve what she needed to accomplish as a manager, while creating a bond with her subordinates, that had them, performing tasks, as well as they possibly could, because they wanted to succeed, both for their own pride of accomplishment, and for “Lieutenant”. I can well imagine, that application of her management style would well serve any business enterprise seeking to motivate their employees to meet objectives and goals. Chief Don Ernst Fernwood Public Safety Department Bushkill, PA.”

Jamie Jobin

, Patient Transport Supervisor, Catholic Medical Center (colleague)

“One of the best Mentors I have ever encountered was Liz. She is thoughtful and caring yet firm and very direct. You always know where you stand with Liz. In all my employment opportunities she is the first Superior to ever prove to be fair to everyone. Liz is a person who can get your mind thinking outside of the box. Pushing the boundaries in thought process.”

Books Published

Transcendental Sojourn – Arrival to One Journal – Xlibris

One Voice – publishamerica

Unexpected Knowing – publishamerica

Notice for Arrival – publishamerica

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