Reaching the Goal

Posted on July 24, 2009 by Liz Cosline 1 Comment

The destination is seen

The goals set

The actions taken

Daily the work needs to be done

Small steps at a time

One at a time

7 things a day

And then one day there it is

The goal complete

The job done



Shakes of hands

And then-

A new goal emerges

How great

Because life goes on.

One comment

  • i was beginning to believe that i might possibly end up being the sole person whom thought about this, at least at present i realize i’m not outlandish 🙂 i am going to be sure to take a look at a number various threads soon after i get a little caffeine in me, it is really tricky to read with out my coffee, I was up late last night grinding myspace poker and after getting my fill with a few brewskies i finished up burning off all my facebook poker chips adios for now 🙂

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