You Will Sign Your Name

Posted on February 15, 2012 by Liz Cosline 4 Comments

There are always choices and decisions.  Hundreds are made every day from what to have for breakfast to what time to go to bed and all the tons of things in between.   Every action, word, gesture, clothes you wear, colors you pick, body language, and expressed thoughts will tell other who you are.  You sign your name to all of this.

When you help someone else, when you turn your back, when you listen and when you won’t hear a word, when you reach out your hand and when you pull it away it will have your signature.  You sign your name on thousands of things a year and leave an impression or your name.  People will remember or try to forget.  People will want to know you or stay as far away as possible.

Mostly it is a combination of one person seeing your best, one seeing your worst, and some seeing both.  But no matter what is seen you have signed your name.  This will last for years even long past when you are gone.  For while you were here living your life – you signed your name on paper, on your creations, on you relationships, on nature, on your work and play, and on the hearts of others. This signature cannot be done by anyone else. The energy you have created does not leave but stays on the earth forever because you signed your name.


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