What Do Manager’s Want From Employees:

Posted on June 15, 2010 by Liz Cosline 11 Comments

If I were to sum up this question in one word, it would have to be Dedication.  The dictionary’s version of this word is quite simple, devotion to something….This is such a powerful emotion and as a manager you can certainly feel dedication.  Employees first need to be dedicated to themselves; not everyone is in the job/career of their choice.  At times people just settle.  No matter what the profession there are many settlers.  It seems more and more this is the case, especially with today’s economic environment.  Jobs are scarce, money is tight and some people just take whatever job they can, just to make ends meet.  Although some people are in jobs that are not their number one choice there must be a level of dedication, this would evoke so many additional traits.

Think about it, a dedicated employee, is usually eager to please.  They want to have satisfaction for themselves, yet they also want to satisfy the manager they work for and ultimately the company.  With dedication, they will develop pride. Pride in the work that they accomplish, especially if they receive recognition from their managers.  Their peers will admire them and some will try to mirror their efforts.

Dedication, satisfaction and pride will evolve into one happy employee.  That is ultimately what many manager’s want from their employees, is for them to be happy.  If you work in a service industry there is a saying, Happy Employee, Happy Customer.  So true.  Being happy is contagious; you really can’t keep it to yourself.

So yes, as manager’s we want the dedicated employee, however we want our employees to be happy.  Thus will begin the circle, the piece that is necessary to run any type of business.  So much starts with the dedicated employee, that is only the beginning.

Lois A. Velardo
Assistant Vice President

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  • Excellent topic Liz!

    dedication definitely is a very important key – also the ability to remain long term motivated.

    During my 24 years i have been coaching and training i have experienced that it is vital to present a vision as CEO but also as Employee where you completely identify with feeling at home inside this vision.

    Looking at a sailboat aiming at achieving goals smoothly who would dare to say that the cook is less important than the captain ?

    Everybody is of equal value and an important part of a vision so people i trained regarding self management of internal states (to create a self image of worth, value and love), manage stress and challenges through belief and attitude adjustment showed that we are all connected and able to lift each other up regularly.

    Thanks for this inspirational post

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