Wanting The Best

Posted on October 31, 2009 by Liz Cosline 2 Comments

Of course everyone wants the best.  The interesting part of this is the definition each person has for what the best consists of in life.  For some it is climbing mountains, or fishing, and for others it is having a biusiness, or composing music.  It would be difficult for any person to try to live the life of another.

Still each person must get a hold of what wanting the best means.  Once this is determined and only when it is determined can the actions ne taken to go after it and reach it on a daily basis.  Still it will encompass more that the goals that are written down.  It will have to take in the relationship with others, how is the family life, is there time for just having fun, and is time out aside to do nothing.  Yes nothing.  Those times when the pressures of getting things done and making things work can simply take a rest.

There has to be a balance to life.  This is often taken for granted and many times gets to the point that it becomes all work, or witjout goals lack of work.  Consideration also needs to be given to the fact that nothing is separate.  No one can leave work at work and home at home totally.  There needs to be time for both. 

The biggest definition that I find works the best for a terrific gauge in finding the best for life is to take the chances that in the end will have me say that I have no regrets.


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