Unexpected Songs of Life

Posted on April 8, 2010 by Liz Cosline No Comments

Ever find yourself going along and things seem pretty good with the job, with home, friends and family, the home and then all of a sudden there is a funny thought or feeling.  It’s not really a bad feeling but just kind of a passing thought at first but definitely something that is noticed.  This is the inside beginning to give messages that there might be something to look at in life.

Often it is something that has been a part a life all along but has been ignored or over looked as time passed.  It could be a host of things.   Maybe you always wanted to write or play an instrument but never found the time.  It might be that you want to travel to a certain place but haven’t gotten around to it or planned how to get it done.  There may be a course you want to take but other things get in the way or it is forgotten about.  There may a person you think about that you want to say some things to but you just never make the call or get together with the person.

Whatever it is inside you there is a feeling that comes around to remind you that you will not be here forever.  It reminds that time is passing.  And it reminds that in the end if you can say you have no regrets, that will have been a full life.

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