The Power in You

Posted on January 8, 2010 by Liz Cosline No Comments

When the mind decides there is a direction it will get into gear on how to get there and how to solve obstacles.  The brain is much like a computer so it needs to be directed to get into gear.  This is done with what needs to be accomplished.  Though any goal will get it going the more specific the goal the better.  When is the goal going to be completed?  What exactly is wanted?   Write the goal down, make them concrete.

But remember that it takes many small goals to reach the big goals.  It’s OK to have many goals.  Take action everyday but don’t forget to also have fun.  Do a few things a day and also take time for yourself.  A balance.  Have a balance.

Pull the drive from within to keep going with the wants and desires you wish to complete.  Use that part of you that just needs to keep going and brings joy.  Put it all together and keep going.

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