The Path to Greatness Once Again for America

Posted on January 26, 2009 by Liz Cosline 2 Comments

Our country has problems.  We’ve been told and we have seen some big problems.  This new presidency brings hope that solutions can and will be found.  This country at times suffers and at times is taken advantage of by some.  But there is a spirit when kindled in the regular american people that can overcome almost any if not all problems.  There is a belief that it is an amazing country and even though spirits have been disillusioned they can rebound.  It has happened before and can happen again.

I hope to see rallies in the spirit of all of us whishing to see a country we can be proud of daily, a country that has people that look out for one another, a people that pays attention to what is happening in government and supports the president whenever possible, and a country that is great because it considers the people that really are in fact the country.  Maybe it is time not to take it for granted but instead be involved with it.


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