The Country’s Stimulus Package

Posted on February 3, 2009 by Liz Cosline No Comments

The country is faced with the question of how to kick start the economy and get it moving in a positive direction.  From a citizen’s point of view of course I don’t want anymore lay offs, or prices to go up, or downsizing, or anything that seems to say the country is in big trouble.  It really seems that there has to be action taken to ease the fear.  The country runs on spending the money that is earned and holding the money seems to be a sure way to make things worse.  I’m not saying people should just go out and spend all there money but in the same respect if everyone quits spending, companies included, then the economy will halt even more.  Perhaps if we are all mindful with perhaps cutting of costs by companies making more sales, people spending cautiously at first but spending, and government overseeing and incentives we can get this coutry’s economy back on track even faster than thought.  Just an opinion.

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