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Posted on March 10, 2011 by Liz Cosline 5 Comments

It’s interesting that people feel that if they put their company name in the name slot in comments on different websites that they are advertising better.  It’s not that it really bothers me, I can;t say it does but it does leave a different impression than I think poeple are going for.

It is very nice to leave a comment on posts that are read.  I’m all for that and I do it myself at times.  It’s great to cheer people on and make comments about information.  It’s also fantastic to start discussions and ask questions. 

The impression though, and I don’t know if others get this but I think they do, is that when you don’t leave your name no one is sure if it’s a real person.  Some websites use capcha’s and thats a good thing but it’s just strange to me that names aren’t used by many unless forced to do so.  It may also be that when names are not used the webmasters won’t post the comment. 

So just a thought here, it might be a good idea to use your real names.  That might benefit in starting an online business relationship, or get to meet people, or hey even get people to look at the site you spent the time leaving on another’s website.  Not using a name may do the opposite.

Just a thought.


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