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From the Front Management™ Training Program

I began the From The Front Management Training Program during a tumultuous time at my company.  I was seriously considering resigning my position and looking for other employment.  I have been with the organization for 7 years and a supervisor (Front Line Manager), for 5 of the 7.  The timing of this program could not have been better for me.  While going through each section of the material, I was able to implement it with my own team each day.  The topics, the tools, and the suggestions offered enhanced my ability to lead my team to greatness.  Not only did I begin to see a difference in the attitude and performance of my team, but I also saw a difference with my Manager.  The program changed my perspective of who I was as a “coach” and how to approach even the most difficult of situations in the workplace.  Thank you, Liz, for taking the time to create such a transforming program!  Looking forward to transforming business together.

`Janna Evans-Area Supervisor  Regional Center of Orange County


“After two decades of leading teams through change management initiatives in Fortune 100 companies I finally found a system that brings leadership and performance to the frontline.   If you are just starting, growing, or are well established in your business, this is THE solution that can turn your challenges to opportunities on every level.”

~ Viki Winterton, Founder of Expert Insights Family of Opportunity


“Liz Cosline’s From The Front Management Training System is destined to become the go-to survival guide for anyone who needs Supervisor/Management training. In my twenty-five years of workforce development training, particularly in Supervisor/Management training, I have witnessed first-hand the performance pain that supervisors/managers face when they have not embraced a team environment or when the company has not had effective training systems in Leadership or Management.

From the Front Management Training System is the right combination of hard-hitting tools, information and resources that can be tailored to any work environment providing a quality driven, professionally written, comprehensive training program. If you are looking for a relevant, sustainable training system that will raise the level of performance within your team, I encourage you to get this program today!”

Toni Reece, President, The PEOPLE Academy, Inc.


“Liz really ‘gets’ essential concepts around maximizing a team and the difference between management and true leadership. And it’s evident that she’s truly passionate about these concepts.”

-Judith Marie, Consultant Human Resources and Legal


“Finally! Someone who knows how to solve the problem of unsatisfactory performance at the front line. In over 35 years in business, as a frontline employee, frontline manager, and as business owner, I have not seen a training protocol that has the relevance of “From the Front.” This system and Coach Liz takes us back to basics. Rather than taking out a hammer to pound the frontline for improved performance (and, REALLY, has that even helped?), she has created a training system that builds up the frontline managers and teaches them how to elicit top performance from their teams. Anyone who is frustrated with the frontline needs to take a serious look at this program.”

Barbara Zaga, Owner and CEO, Glasstoration Technologies LLC


This is a great program….I was given the opportunity to put the program into practice in my consulting- it transformed the front line and improved the bottom line by reducing turnover and transforming customer satisfaction. From the Front Management Training Program is a must have for any business- small to large!

Lisa Ruedemann-•Consultant & Interim Management Senior Services- Expertise


 “The program that Liz Cosline has developed addresses a problem that has affected the profits and productivity of businesses for the last half century. We know that management of employees is a difficult task but that is no reason to ignore the damaging effects it has on our business if it is not done properly.  Liz Cosline has addressed the problem from the proper angle to actually solve the problem and, in my opinion, implementation of her program has the potential to boost profits 30% by tuning your business team.”
Jeff Snader – Business Owner

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