Business Relationships

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This is probably the most important aspect of doing business.  It entails many things.  One very important aspect is that when you say you are going to so something, do it.  This can be a big things but little things add up.  Like simply sending an e-mail back and acknowledge that you received it.  You don’t have to have the answer but no response says a lot.  This is the same with a phone call.  It is polite to return the call.  But what is a reasonable amount of time.  I on’t think anyone should expect an immediate response but for me within a week is pretty reasonable.  If there is a customer service question that should take priority.

One very postive trend that seems to be happening is people helping each other.  Whether that is simply advertising another in a newsletter, or on your site for a week, month or longer it is a simple way to assist each other.  Or perhaps giving a name to some else that can benefit.  It’s a nice thing to see.

This is s great way to see if someone is simply out to sell once or wants to have an ongoing returning relationship.  If people never get back to you it probably means they are not concerned with repeating customers.

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