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Posted on March 4, 2011 by Liz Cosline 9 Comments

So what is looked at for the best quality of life.  This particular one looks at, (worldwide), culture, cost of living, economy, environment, health, freedom, safety, climate, etc.  There may be a few others but these are the some if not all the indicators for the countries in the world.  So who do you think won?

It was France.  But the top ten include 2. Australia, 3. Switzerland, 4. Germany, 5. New Zealand, 6. Luxembourg, 7. United States, 8. Belgium, 9. Canada, 10. Italy.  So there it is the top 10 places in the world based on the best quality of life index.

In regards to our own lives though how is it measured whether we have a high quality of life or not?  The things to look at should be about the enjoymentment of places and people around us.  Are we reaching our goals?  Where do we want to accomplish and is that happening?  Do we take the time to have fun?  Are we striving for more?  How do we want people to remember us? 

Quality of life is important and each of us has the power to define that for ourselves.

How is you quality of life?  Reaching all your goals?   Is something not working?

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