Barack Obama – President of the United States of America

Posted on January 20, 2009 by Liz Cosline 5 Comments

WOW! A new president.  A black president. A minority president. WOW!  But it is more than even this.  It is the chance for the country to come together.  A chance for the people of this nation to be heard.  A chance to get involved and help each other.  A chance for wrongs to be righted.  There can be new jobs and innovations.  There can be problems solved.

But let it not rest on this one man alone.  There will be avenues for people to get involved in, or volunteer for, or talk about, or perhaps come together and visit about.  People can succeed at any goal if they work together.

Still even if you don’t want to want to volunteer or be on a committee right now that’s OK.  However keep listening and stay informed and watch.  Just in every day life.  Because whoever you are and where ever you live and what ever you do, this is your country.


  • We are going to say do your house work before you Criticize the President, this Came from CNN they played this all day but they are not tell you that the President do not believe inside the Bush Tax’s Cut, what they are saying it’s OK to let the Bush Tax’s Cut Expire, all they want is really a Story, they don’t give a dare about the Individuals, they to are looking out for themselves­, they have hung around the Doors in Congress like Buzzards. We have never seen so significantly of BS.

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