9/11 – Why Do We Rememer

Posted on September 9, 2011 by Liz Cosline No Comments

    We remember because it hurt so much.  Because we didn’t understand and could not fathom why this would be done.  There is no reason or   explantion that could ever be given.  We remember because this was an act to try and break a nation.  To try and break the spirit of individuals.  It was an act to have people be and stay in fear.

But that is not what happened.  Instead individuals and a nation pulled together.  Thoughts were given, prays were said, tears were shed.  Heroes were instantly born.  We would not be out down.  Even if you were a citizen no where near New York, still you were a part of it.  You probably watched and thought about those involved.


10 Years later still healing and rebuilding but moving forward.    Why do we remember?

We remember to honor the lives lost.  For they are also heroes.  We honor them and our nation by —- remembering.

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