2009 A New Year

Posted on December 26, 2008 by Liz Cosline 2 Comments

So the new year will soon be here.  Usually there is talk of resolutions.  So what is going to be different in the new year.  I hope that I think of others and what brings people together, and I will continue to write about that because it fills me.  I hope that people find what drives them inside and fulfills that place that causes passion. May consideration and politeness be abundant.  This isn’t just wishful thinking, but instead believing that people want good lives and realizing that we must live the lives that are unique in the respect that what fills you may not have any interest for me.  And that is OK.  Once you take hold of the aspects that grow your soul life grows more full with each day.  Then there is no need to judge or to be negative when dealing with others.  Instead you are spending your positive energy on your positive life.  Then there is gratitude.


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