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Ever since author Liz Cosline had a near-death experience in 2001, her outlook in life has changed. She looks at the world around her in a more universal way. Transcendental SojournArrival to One Journal means ever changing journey to the author and follows her exploration of the expanding possibilities of human capabilities, as well as her personal realization that God and the universe cheer us on.. She acknowledges darkness but sees the light. She explains her continuing noticing of the beauty of humans and the dreams they have. Every person is extremely important to this world.


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“Through this book Liz Cosline shares an incredible, profoundly personal near-death experience of God and how it continues to change her life and relationships. Like mystics through the ages, she struggles to find words to convey her nearly indescribable encounter with God, and succeeds admirably with tone and style in ways that touch the reader’s heart and soul.”Dr. and Rev. Theodore Loder 

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“Liz Cosline’s account of personal transformation is a courageous exercise in spiritual openness. Her words invite us to make our way into deep change and into the fuller life Christ spoke of. This is a love story…an account of cravings both human and divine. Cosline invites us to step out of our comfort zones, and in her own unique way shows us how to take responsibility for a deeper relationship with God.”Rev. Jared A. Rardin

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Liz Cosline was just living a regular life. In 2001, a near-death experience would change her life. She started an incredible journey that still continues today. One Voice tells what occurred that day and during her healing. It was originally written by hand during the first year after April 14, 2001. The book takes you through her thoughts and realizations that started a two way relationship with God and the universe.Kindle Edition

New Booked released March 22, 2010

Discusses the accomplishments humans have done and the potential of people. Talks about what keeps people going and the importance of each life.Release date March 22,2010It’s about you!Before release date use code Discount 20 for 20% off.


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Life’s Promisesis poetry that goes to the inside. It encompasses different parts of life that allow the reader to dream, reflect, and capture the soul�s desires. There is no one theme for life is made up of thousands of feelings, hundreds and hundreds of thoughts, and sometimes confusing messages. But in taking a little time to look inside much of this becomes clearer. Poetry is a way to find the guarded parts of our being, come in contact with parts we have not thought about, and often to explore new horizons of our beings.Life’s Promiseslooks at different aspects of life, thoughts, and feelings that have the reader take a look at what is inside a life. What are the beliefs that swirl through a person’s life?Are things on course?Have beliefs changed?

What is important?

Where are the dreams?

What direction does your imagination go?

Take a look inside your being.Give it the attention it deserves.

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