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People succeed at their personal dream and goals. Balancing life!!

I help people get rid of the obstacles.   Take a look at what can happen.  For those of you who are ready, this program has you figure out what is needed, and take the actions steps to get there. I’ve coached a family that was fractured, muscisians wanting a different avenue, CEO’s going for more , students wanting to excel, etc. to becoming what they want to see in themselves.  I want people to aquire more.

The coaching fee is $950.00 a month one on one coaching.  This is not a tele-seminar nor group coaching. It is weekly phone calls in person and e-mails with information, assignments, exploring any obstacles that may have stopping power and getting pass them.  People need motivation, encouragement, ways to get things done to achieve goals and stay on track. This is four times a month by phone and e-mails with discovering the drive within you along with exercises and the accountability needed for success. Many professionals get coaches. 30 years of research behind this program.


Frontline Management Coaching-  (check it out)

Take a look – This is about getting certified in the From the FrontManagement™ training program.


Coaching for Those Searching  – (click)

This is for taking a look at the questions that come up inside us whether in regards to life, spiritual, attraction question, why something doesn’t flow.  Take a look.

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For all of the nurses out there wanting to perfect their skills in their profession, I highly recommend that you take a look at Life Coaching. I’ve been to many conferences and learned so much about my specialty, lab results, technology, and so forth. I even went to seminars to learn to deal with difficult people. Life Coaching is one of the most effective communication tools available today and is designed to place decisions, responsibility, outcomes, and celebrations with the people they belong too, our patients and their families. I hope this sounds interesting to you. Jun 09, 2010 written by virtualrn from AllNurses

If you’re looking for someone who’s got the tools and the experience, she’s your jackpot.”

Jeff Snader , Owner , Universe Point

Liz is a person who can get your mind thinking outside of the box. Pushing the boundaries in thought process.”