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Song of One Unexpected Life


Living The Life of My Dreams eBook

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Song of One Unexpected Life

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Coaching Individuals and teams to Success    – “I’m always looking for ways to help market my professional coaching services. Thumbtack is a good way for me to show  my expertise in coaching and training programs. Check out my listing to learn even more about letting people know about your services. 


FIRE UP BUSINESS    —– Experts tell how to fire up your business


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Software Riches Made Easy      -seriously


Webinar Secrets Revealed


Click Here! 22 Week Home Study Course – covers everything you need to learn high level qigong in the privacy of your own home. Taught by international authority on Shaolin Qigong.


 Amazon Profile B2B Directory

 Be The Star You Are ! – incredible show on Voice America

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Candles – naturally made   AnAnn Louise cabdle Louise Candles produces environmentally friendly soy and all natural wax candles hand made in the USA.  hand made after the order is placed

 Directory Maximizer – get your website into directories

 Free Press Releases

 Full Power Living – Ilene Dillon

 Joe Fermano – How to Use Your Life Show

 Carolyn Howard- Johnson This is the Place   ISBN: 1588513521     AmErica House  Awards: Eight awards     To Order:     “When you live amidst beauty sometimes you don’t recognize discrimination and, if you do, you prefer not to acknowledge it


Elizabeth Lengyel- People Coach

Dawn McIntyre Show – Boldly Beautiful

Health Books – Mind Body and Soul

Song of One Unexpected Life Miracle Man Story – an amazing story

 Mesothelioma Symptoms –  it covers a range of topics from the various symptoms of mesothelioma, to the different methods of treatment.

People Academy – excellent resources for professional coaches. – an amazing company for self growth resources. Liz Cosline official guide for team building.

 Terrific Speakers –  Professional Speakers Bureau “The Truth Contest” and the title tag can be “An internet contest to find and spread the truth about life and death.”

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