Frontline Managers Key to Employee Engagement

This program was piloted at a Nursing home that was considered one of the worst by the Federal Government CMS.  In it’s inspection there were multiple immediate jeopardy tags and the employee situation was dire.  Extremely disengaged.  The program (not yet finished or named) was implemented and piloted at this facility along with other facilities.  This critical situation was turned around using this program(below) and the expertise of the implementer to receive a quality award.  In addition there was a reduction in lawsuits, turnover reduced, higher profit margins, improved census, and better reputation.  Most impressive was the change in the attitudes and caring of the employees.

Lisa E. Ruedemann – DT, MS HAS, NHA, Pilot Program Manager

Biggest thing being talked about is employee engagement these days. Teams are being talked about along with the frontline manager also.  It is because they are so key to engaging employees in any operation.  And what is being said?  Over and over it is being talked about how the frontline needs more training, more guidance, more results, and that companies need more from them.  It’s being discussed that it costs money to have turnover ($8.00/hour employee costs about $3500 to replace-Society for Human Resource and Leadership Answers say it costs 25% of an employee’s salary to replace).  And that’s talking about just one person.  Let alone the knowledge lost.  It has also been stated that the number one reason people leave a job —– is the manager.

“Most companies don’t offer sufficient training for frontline managers or structure their roles to create the most value.  Aggravating the problem, senior leaders are often unaware of the issues that hinder frontline performance …”– McKinsey Ouarterly.

Employee disengagement is also being talked about by Human Resources and companies because this costs billions of dollars each year in the U.S. alone.

Any team must have a leader that cares.  That believes in the team.  That listens, moves obstacles out of the way, and supports the team to success. Easy to say but how do you get it done?

Who is a frontline manager?  Well in business it is talked about as the person that supervises the frontline employee.  These are the people that see the customer every day.   Do you interact with customers?  Do you have employees you oversee?  Are they at you location or are they virtual?  Anyone that oversees others that has a team that interacts with customers could be viewed as a frontline manager.  It’s called different titles but whoever the customer interacts with and communicates with will be the impression of the company.

Unlocking the potential of frontline managers

“Instead of administrative work and meetings, they should focus on coaching their employees and on constantly improving quality… “ –McKinsey Quarterly

Teams are so important to the image of any venture.  The managing of these teams is crucial.  Often though whether in business at a company, virtually, sports, organizations and even home life communication techniques, organizational techniques, coaching ideas, reviewing, tracking, and a host of necessary techniques and ideas are not given to allow people success with teams.

But now we have explored, developed, written, tweaked, practiced, a program that give managers the resources to get the best from their teams.  It shows that a frontline manager or coach, or leader, or mentor must be the foundation that a team depends on.  That a team relies on, and that a team can depend on.

“Even the most brilliant strategy is worth nothing if it isn’t executed well, especially by your front line — the employees who interact daily with your customers…. “ -Harvard Business Review

We are PROUD to present the:

From the Front Management™

Training Program

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The Benefits of the From the Front Management Training Program will allow you to:

•Understand the skills and techniques that have you succeed

•Learn to plan, organize, communicate and listen

•Apply the most appropriate supervisory style to each individual and situation

•Learn the skills to help you give constructive feedback

•Leverage diversity and individual differences benefitting the team

•Deal with difficult employees

•Use employee ideas

•Become the coach you admire

The Front Line Management Program will Enhance Leadership by:

•Developing interpersonal skills that help you communicate, listen and handle conflicts

•Becoming more effective at influencing others

•Accomplishing goals when dealing with staff, peers, management and other departments

•Learning how to work with groups and teams to solve problems and accomplish projects

•Giving performance discussions that result in changed behavior

The Front Line Management Program Positions You to Transition to the Professional Coaching Benefits by:

•Establishing you and your team’s credibility

•Acquiring your own individual style

•Delegating tasks while remaining focused on clear goals

•Getting benefits from giving feedback often

•Mentoring to individual employees to improve on performance

•Understanding what the difference is between motivating and inspiring

•Gaining awareness of basic procedures as they apply to performance reviews

•Gaining techniques and strategies to manage time

The Front Line Management Program Sets a Mindset of a Professional Coach by:

•Improving your ability to coach

•Minimizing repeat performance failures

•Knowing you have the greatest team possible

•Challenging your team members to greater levels of success

Customer service is everything.

Any business is in service to the client…..

Employees on the front line affect the customers daily.

The frontline is the image of the company.

Anyone in charge of teams effect the customers


It is Vital –

The frontline manager MUST be the foundation for the frontline employees.

This is the program that will do just that.  This program was developed to give training to the frontline manager(anyone with people that affect customers) in giving reviews, keeping track of employee performance, staying in touch with employees, keeping them accountable, keeping records, getting employees involved, having a working relationship, keeping in mind the balance of life, and more.

These concepts, techniques, procedures work on any team situation. (sports, clubs, virtual, business teams,  and families etc.)

This program is not about traveling to a hotel, paying for a seminar, having food expenses etc.  This program instead is given at the work location where different modules are gone over and then practiced.  It has training and techniques in getting this demanding frontline management job done in a smoother, easier, and more productive manner.  It is about the importance of the frontline teams.

It is a six month program to ensure that habits are formed by practicing the concepts but done in-house while continuing to work.

Experts have been involved in advising me from the financial district, top selfgrowth field, healthcare, HR attorney, transportation industry,  small business, IT, and coaching field to name a few.  They have given insights that helped to polish the program.   This is the program that has been talked about on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and in the newsletters many of you have received.

This program is for organizations that wish to go have a mindset change. That want to go beyond the status quo.

This is for people who make up the team to know their importance and value.

To have the customer come first in all situations.

For managers who get training programs to better themselves.

To show the importance of praise.

To have a manager that cares.

To have a frontline manager coach and mentor.

To have ideas heard and used.

To have involved employees.

To be The LEADER of the team every company wants.

You get:            Over 80 pages of techniques, procedures, and mindset changes.

Powerpoints to assist in training

Strategies for giving reviews

Charting to keep track of employees through the year

Questions answered

Scenarios for managers to discuss and practice

Customer service emphasis

Price is $1177.00.   Even that is low, when advised what to sell this for we were told it should be $3500.00 and higher.  Because it goes to the source,  it’s grass roots, and it’s about the employees and customers.  We believe in customer service, we believe in the front line, and we think it’s time for the frontline managers to get the attention, assistance, and time they deserve to bring out the best in the frontline employees..

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Lead teams to the greatness of their potential.

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