Frontline Manager Training for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is talked about a lot and there’s a reason.  It keeps happening throughout the years.

Perhaps better said employee disengagement keeps happening.

Employees that start out as amazing performers can turn to slow down, have bad attitudes, start to complain,

have absences, or lateness, and begin to use excuses to name a few.

This actually is a reaction often to feeling taken advantage of, asked to do too much without support, believing

supervisors don’t care among other reasons.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


The influencers of the frontline employees, most of the time, are the frontline managers.  These managers are extremely important to the frontline employees, the company, and the customers.


It takes the training of these managers to become coaches of their teams with the tools and techniques to keep employees engaged and involved, and beneficial to the customer.   It is going after customer excellence.

That’s why we developed the From the Front Management™ training program.

It can be self taught by just buying the program.

It can be trained by one of our incredible coaches to frontline managers.

Or if accepted by FFMTP a person can pursue certification in the program.

Any way you choose it is a program that supports the frontline managers.


This program is different from other programs because it was developed from the frontline view.

It is mentored by our coaches.

We stay with the managers supporting them to ensure the program in implemented.

It helps managers stay away fron burnout or corner-cutting.

Keeps attention on details, attitude, quality and goes after theultimate customer service.


Get the program that is all about coaching employees to success.


From the Front Management™

Training Program