From the Front Management – Frontline Management Coaching

Individual and Team Coaching Available

In addition to the “From the Front Training Program” that can be done by a trainer at any company (see it here) – I also offer the following coachings for this program.

Individual Coaching – (improving self)

  1. Easy ways to keep track of employees or any team
  2. Accountability
  3. Reviews and Review writing
  4. Easing the nervousness of employees
  5. Knowing Your Employees — Your Team
  6. What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?
  7. Holding the Lines
  8. Mentoring
  9. Keeping employees engaged

And much more.  This is a program to learn about knowing the employees and becoming certified as a coach in From the Front Management™ training program.  Having this certification allows you to help companies, if they wish, get started in the training program or have you actually do the training.  Though the training program is designed as an in – house program that can be done by an in-house trainer many companies want and like the outside help.  This certification also gives you the knowledge of being a professional frontline coach with the techniques to save time, know the team, keep accountability, give reviews differently, keep track of employees, and has time saving ways to get it all done.

This coaching is for the manager (individual) coaching to lead your team to greatness while freeing your time as a manager.


Training program – More information

Certifications – check out how to train others by becoming a certified coach


Team Coaching –

  1. What Does Your team Want From You?
  2. Clear and concise instructions.
  3. 5 – 10 – 15 minutes checks.
  4. Adjusting work times
  5. Going After More
  6. Keeping Employees Engaged
  7. Knowing your employees
  8. Developing action plans
  9. Keeping a team accountable
  10. Saving time
  11. Getting more clarity
  12. Productive meetings
  13. Getting along with the boss
  14. Gaining tools and techniques
  15. Involving the employees

And more…..

This training is usually done at the business in group settings.  This is geared to the frontline managers that have huge impacts on the people that are face to face with the cutomers.  This would be implementing the From the Front Management™ training program for the company.

Price on a case by case basis.

Any questions- please e-mail